Spring Equinox

March 20, 2018

Welcome! This is my first ever blog post, so be tender in your critique ;) I write today to introduce myself and provide a framework for why we are doing what we are doing and how we intend to do it! So follow along as we blog about how we came to be, herbal tidbits, and artist features. Thanks for being here!


My name is Kinsey Rosene, a studying herbalist and founder of Crose Nest Collective, an herbal boutique. I have been studying herbalism in small ways my entire life, and in a more major and more studious ways for the past 4 years. This May marks the second anniversary of Crose Nest, a boutique I created to empower others to explore herbalism as well as a space to Nest some of my favorite creators from around the US.  Crose Nest started small, and out of a desire to share herbal knowledge in a safe and sustainable way with my community. This became an important mission of mine as I personally experienced some of the life-changing benefits of leading an herbal and intentional life.


While we focus a lot on holistic and intentional living, Crose Nest is designed to welcome folx from all walks and lifestyles. We set out to provide you the goods, tools and ingredients necessary to design what an intentional lifestyle looks like to you. This year I plan to focus on how I can involve my community more in the culture here at Crose Nest. We want to represent the makers, crafters, gatherers, teachers and growers from our region while leaving space to highlight some of our favorites from around the US.  We will focus on increasing our outreach by adding new workshops, events and art shows.


I hope you stop in to chat, blend an herbal tea or botanical face mask, or browse some of the beautiful goods made with intention and love  by artists and makers from your community.


With Love,

Kinsey and the Crose Nest crew 





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